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This set of lessons centers around lies we are told by our culture. I offer truths in their place.


Grace is for everyone and it's free. But it's not cheap.

Following God's call may not always make us feel happy but it will bring joy. 


We can believe all the right things and still fail to meet God's greatest commandment, to love God and others above all else. ​


Being a Christian is about discipleship, which means we don't win in the way our culture defines winning.


Being a good American can get in the way of being a good Christian and being a good Christian is supposed to get in the way of being a good American. 


These truths can be difficult to accept. Through the resources offered in these lessons, I hope to give you good reason to at least consider them.

Click on the image for the lesson you want to view for access.

Christian Booklet
Lie 1

Grace Requires Nothing of Us.

Bible Lessons
Lie 2

Following God's Call Will Make You Happy.

Praying Girl
Lie 3

What's Important is Believing the Right Things.

Lie 4

Being a Christian is About Winning.

American flag waving
Lie 5

Being a Good Christian is the Same as Being a Good American.

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