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Waiting can be difficult. It can cause anxiety and frustration in our impatience for it to over. Waiting can also be a time of preparation and becoming. This set of lessons is about waiting. They explore the following questions.

  • What do we wait for?

  • How do we wait through something?

  • Who waits with us?

  • Why do we wait in spite of hardship?

  • What does waiting "into" mean?

  • Do you hear God's call?

  • How will you respond?

Click on the image for the lesson you want to view for access.

Image by Joshua Earle
Lesson 1

Waiting for...

Image by Nitin Garg
Lesson 2

Waiting through...

Image by Majid Sadr
Lesson 3

Waiting with...

Image by Joshua Earle
Lesson 4

Waiting in spite of...

Image by Joshua Earle
Lesson 5

Waiting into...

Window Light in Church
Lesson 6

God waits for us

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